About the project

This is my Master’s degree project created at the University of Greenwich in London in 2018. The main aim of this work is to deliver brief and concrete knowledge about gender differences to help people in building better relationships which should be founded on the deep understanding and respect of our differences.

The intention of this project is promoting knowledge in such an important area as our biological structure and its influence on our everyday life. Impact of our environment and cultural and educational factors are very crucial, but they are not a subject of my consideration. We are all aware of their existence and influence, but with all respect for this issue, they are changeable and external. My purpose was to focus on internal and unchangeable matters what is our biology.

For that reason, I collected and chosen the best books in my opinion of the famous scientists in the field of neurobiology, biology, neuropsychology and psychology to create this project and made this tremendous, fascinating knowledge more accessible and approachable for everyone.

Hope you will find this information useful and it will bring you a better understanding of your partner.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to improve or change something on this website.

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