complementary differences

Conclusions about different approaches to love between gender

Women could recognise, then, that men are very easily aroused and easily misconstrue the slightest hint of friendship as a sexual invitation. Recognise, too, that men do see women largely as sex object – acknowledging, accommodating, and even trying to find some form of shared enjoyment in the fact, rather than trying to deny and eradicate it.

Men, in turn, while not denying their own nature – how can they? – could acknowledge more the need for communication in relationship. It does not come easily  to them, because the language is unfamiliar and the expression maybe somewhat awkward . But as means of communicating love, it is better than washing her car.

Male and female attitudes – with their biological rather than social basis – cannot be as easily altered as attitudes which have social roots alone. We can, however, come to terms with the reality of our sexual natures, and those of others, respecting the differences  rather than decrying them, stretching out to one another across the chasm rather than bellowing insults across it in the rage of blind, frustrated ignorance.

Knowing how different we are could be the first step in becoming a little less alien from each other. That, in itself, would be a sexual revolution. And one worth fighting for.

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