complementary differences

Different approaches to the money and success in gender

The bias of the male brain is at the root of the occupational duodentalnulcer and the heart attack. A study of college men and women – both with a high need for achievement – found that men responded better to competition in class work, while women performed better in non-competitive situations.

Masculine, too is the correlation between career choice and risk-taking. American studies of colege males show that majority of them do not choose fields in which conventional success is assured: they choose one where there’s a risk of failure  – but the chance of much greater success. Females usually had different priorities: the nature of the occupation was much more important than formal achievement of financial success.

In the male perception success, ambition and money are all bound up together, because money is a symbol and a confirmation of his success. With women just as prestige at work is less important, so to a degree is the level of salary. Women have other satisfactions at work – in particular the personal relationships fostered there. Women may like money just as much as men – but maybe they do not need to insist on earning money, and to be seen to be earning money as much as they male counterparts.

One psychiatrist claims to have seen several men to whom great losses of money represented such a great loss of self, of ego, and ultimately of masculine image that life no longer seemed worth living. Would a woman stockbroker jump out of a Wall Street skyscraper if the market crashed? For men, success, aggression, dominance, status and competition find a focus in money.

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