complementary differences

Different views of the cleanliness at home in gender

Woman:  “I feel it is a personal insult to me, his attitude about the house. He says I am “obsessed” with cleanliness, but he could let the whole house go until the cockroaches run over the piles of dirty underwear by the bed.”

Man: ” I do what I can, but her standards for cleaning are too high. I’d do more, but what I do is not good enough for her. She says that if I did it, she’d just have to do it again.”

It matters to women whether or not their homes are pleasant and hygienic places to be in, because what matters to women – love, affection, relationships, security – takes place more in the home.

For men, the office or the factory floor is just as important as the home –  and the workplace is cleaned , magically, mysteriously, invisible, by anonymous workforce of cleaners before he arrives for work.

Sharing chores, one of the planks of the egalitarian platform, is no answer, because most men attach less importance, and apply lower standards, to domestic chores – thus tacitly demeaning these tasks and resenting  the natural fastidiousness of the female.

In the same way a man attaches less importance to personal appearance – either in his wife, or in himself, not noticing her new dress, or stubbornly resisting her demands that he should buy himself a new pair of trousers.

The key to peaceful coexistence, as in the political sphere, is diplomacy, and, to a lesser extend, negotiation.

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