complementary differences

Hearts and minds, what is a difference between gender?

A woman is more sensitive than a man in her very being. She is more alert to touch, smell and sound. She sees more, and remembers, in detail, more of what she sees. The bias of her brain leads her to attach much more importance to the personal, and interpersonal, aspects of life. Ever since that early eye contact, at a few hours old, she has been more interested in people.

She is better at imparting, and receiving, the social cues of body language. She smiles more than men when she is not happy, and is nice, more often than men, to people she may not like – possible a defence mechanism to compensate for her comparative physical weakness.

She maintain closer, longer, and more regular links with her friends, to she confides more about her hopes and fears. She has a better memory for faces and characters. She understands, better than a man, what a man or woman means, even when he or she is apparently saying nothing.

That is because her brain is specialised for this very function. The intuitive, if you like, is more in touch with the communicative skills. Not surprisingly, she has spent most of her life so far with like-minded people, that is, people of her own sex.

A man, meanwhile, is ploughing a very different furrow. In most of the key senses, he hears and feels less. he is more single-minded because his brain is more compartmentalised. He does not notice distractions. His, since birth, has been the world of things – what they are, how they work, and the space they occupy.

His brain strategy leads him to tackle problems in a practical, overall, and inherently self-interested manner. Invited to a party which clashes with another date he will calculate the comparative benefit to himself, or investigate the time and motion possibilities of attending both.

A woman is more likely either to honour her initial commitment, or opt for the social situation in which she, and others, will be happiest.

His relationships are those of power and dominance . Her’s are those of interplay, complement, and association.

He has spent most of his life with like-minded people, that is, people of the same sex. Suddenly, these alien species are thrown together by their biology – a biology which attracts them physically, yet, in so many other respects, is mutually antagonistic. No wonder being in love is so confusing.

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