complementary differences

The differences in emotional response in men and women

Men keeps his emotions in their place; and that place is on the right side of his brain, while the power to express his feelings in speech lies over on the other side.

Because the two halves of the brain are connected by a smaller number of fibres than a woman’s, the flow of information between one side of the brain and the other is more restricted. It is then often more difficult for a man to express his emotions because the information is flowing less easily to the verbal, left side of his brain.

A woman may be less able to separate emotion from reason because of the way of the female brain is organised. The female brain has emotional capacities on both sides of the brain, plus there is more information exchanged  between two sides of the brain.

The emotional side is more integrated with the verbal side of the brain. A woman can express her emotions in words because what she feels has been transmitted more effectively to the verbal side of the brains.

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