We do not teach our boy children to be aggressive - indeed, we try vainly to unteach it. Even researchers most hostile to the acknowledgment of sex differences agree that this is a male feature. Innate aggression of men, explains to a large degree their historical dominance of the species.

Male’s mind at work

The adult male brain expresses itself in high motivation, competition, single-mindedness, risk-taking, aggression, preoccupation with dominance, hierarchy, and the [...] read more

Man’s sexuality

In men, testosterone secretion has a rhythm, reaching peaks six or seven times a day. It is high in the morning, and on average 25% lower in the evening. [...] read more

A broader role for testosterone in men

More male hormones means more “automatisation” skill, and more “automatisation”, in one study at least, seems to spell success. Testosterone [...] read more

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