Male aggression

Male aggression has an overwhelmingly biological rather than social cause. Boys in their own way, experience swings of mood which are directly influenced by their own endocrine system.

Human aggression is essentially a problem for men, not women. It is men wage wars, engage in bitter competition, fight each other individually, and maintain vendettas lasting for years or even centuries.

The level of the male hormone, testosterone, soars during puberty, which is when the full forces of aggression come into play. It is no coincidence that the age group with highest crime rate is 13-17 years, for the male hormone has an effect on aggression even greater than the influence it plays in more obvious forms of sexuality.

What is crucial, is the effect of the hormone on a brain structure which is pre-wired to react with it. A normal woman, will not become as aggressive  as man if you  inject her with dose of testosterone, because her brain, not being “programmed” to react to the chemical, will not respond strongly  to it. But unaggressive men can be made more aggressive with a booster injection of testosterone, because they still have brains which are sensitive to the hormone.

With men the impact of the hormones not only produces aggression, dominance and assertiveness, it also tends to trigger the release of further testosterone, reinforcing those initial aggressive tendencies.

Among sportsmen, testosterone levels are higher at the end of a match, or a season, than at the beginning. Competition raises testosterone level. Rivals fuels aggression.

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