Men’s spacial ability

That is being able to picture things, their shape, position, geography and proportion, accurately in the mind’s eye – all skills that are crucial to the practical ability to work with three-dimensional objects or drawings.

From school age  onwards, boys will generally outperform girls in areas of mathematics involving abstract concepts of space, relationships, and theory.

Boys also have the superior hand-eye co-ordination necessary for ball sports. Those same skills mean that they can more easily imagine, alter, and rotate an object in their mind’s-eye. Boys find it easier that girls to construct block building from two-dimensional blueprints, and to assess correctly how the angle of the surface level of water in a jug would change when the jug was tilted to different angles.

This male advantage in seeing patterns and abstract relationships – what could be called general strategic rather than the detailed tactical thinking – perhaps explains the male dominance of cheese, even in a country like [former] the USSR, where the game is a nation sport played by both sexes.

The better spacial ability of men could certainly help to explain that male superiority in map-reading.

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