Man’s sexuality

In men, testosterone secretion has a rhythm, reaching peaks six or seven times a day. It is high in the morning, and on average 25% lower in the evening. Testosterone levels also change with the season. In the spring the level is at its lowest. The high point comes in early autumn.

We may have to rewrite the poetry book, and abandon all those metaphors about the sexual sap rising with the greening of the year.

High concentration of male hormone, acting on a male brain, mediated through the hypothalamus, mean that boys are much more sexually active than girls. They masturbate more frequently, seek sexual gratification with a greater appetite, and while maturing later, have sexual intercourse earlier. It is a pattern set throughout life – until, at the age of fifty, the hormonal tides in men begin to subside. Men deprived of sex are much more likely to become morose and irritable. Men just miss sex.

In men, the key perceptual sense is vision. More men than women like making love with the lights on – seeing sex excites them. Men like a genital close-up in a porno mag because it is a thing to which they can imagine doing things. Sex for men is vastly more impersonal.

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