complementary differences

The brain, the chief administrative and emotional organ of life, is differently constructed in men and in women; it processes information in a different way, which results in different perceptions, priorities and behaviour.

Different approaches to the money and success in gender

The bias of the male brain is at the root of the occupational duodentalnulcer and the heart attack. A study of college men and women – both with a high need [...] read more

Motivations, aims and priorities in gender

The motivation of men and women is different both in degree and direction. There is an inherent difference between men and women in the values either sex assign to [...] read more

Different views of the cleanliness at home in gender

Woman:  “I feel it is a personal insult to me, his attitude about the house. He says I am “obsessed” with cleanliness, but he could let the whole [...] read more

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