complementary differences

The difference between the sexes definition of power.

For men power traditionally consists in dominance and aggression. Women’s power was something subtler, the force that creates relationships, bind families, and builds societies.

Many studies has revealed how men and women perceive and value their lives, and record a difference between the sexes. Overwhelmingly, the characteristics chosen by men included being practical, shrewd, assertive, dominating, competitive, critical, and self-controlled.

Cross-culturally, women were more likely to describe their ideal selves as loving, affectionate, impulsive, sympathetic, and generous.

Men value competitions, scientific toys and principles, prestige, power, dominance and freedom, while women value personal relationships and society.

A woman is not as concerned with status and the pecking order. That is man’s obsession. So, at the risk of literary inelegance, why should any woman consciously adopt a male value system which devalues her own female values? For a woman to try to be “more like a man” seems almost by definition to make her a less-happy woman.

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