complementary differences

Let’s understand, exploit, and enjoy our differences

If men and women are identical, and always have been, in the degree and manner in which they use their identical brains, how did the male sex manage so successfully, in virtually ever culture and society in the world, to contrive a situation where the female was subordinate?

Was it just men’s greater  musculature  and body-weight that have made the realm of womanhood an occupied country for the past scores of thousands of years? Was it the fact that until recent centuries women were pregnant most of the time? Or is it more likely – as the facts suggest – that the differences between the male and the female brain are at the root of the society we have and the people we are?

There are some biological facts of life that, with the best, and most sexually liberated will in the world, we just cannot buck; would it not be better, rather than rage impotently against the differences between the sexes, to acknowledge, understand, exploit, and even enjoy them?

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